Photos ‘Castagnata’

Photos 'Castagnata'

The Castagnata is one of the festivals that are celebrated annually. In Montegrosso the crowds are enormous. The approximately 80 permanent residents - supplemented by former residents - organize the parties together. The most famous party is the 'Castagnata'. The chestnut is central here. The chestnut has played an important role for the residents of Liguria. The party lasts several days. Friday is the day for school youngsters. They then learn more about the past, the role and the meaning of the chestnut. Sunday is the big party. It starts with coming together, drinking an aperitif, having lunch and then all the stands open. The party is concluded with a live performance by a music band. On this Sunday Montegrosso receives between 1500 and 4500 visitors from the province and region.