Nice (Italy) Links

Nice (Italy) Links

Links and videos about beautiful, special, tasty or interesting products and activities that we would like to share with you.

From taking Italian lessons from Montegrosso Pian Latte, stylish Italian products to films about hiking and cycling in our region. LOTS OF FUN!

We regularly publish nice impressions of our beloved Valle Arroscia and the people who live there as well as the local parties and customs on our YouTube channel "ActiefinLigurie puntNL". We will also post images about the workshops in the near future. Of course - if necessary - with the permission of the recognizable participants. Do you have nice material for our channel and do you want to make it available: please send it to us. . .

Our fellow villagers and locals love wine, real wine, pure wine. That is why they swear by their own wine; then at least you know what's in it (and what's not in it). Germano, our neighbor and holder of a famous beekeeping company, wants to share with us through this video how (simple) it is to make your own wine. He takes us by the hand along the 4 stages of winemaking after the grapes have been harvested (or purchased), until a drinkable young wine is made. Lots of fun!


We know from experience that it gives you a lot of pleasure and deepening if you are a little fluent in Italian. Italstudio provides tailor-made language lessons, not far from "Tra Mare e Monti", in San Remo. These can easily be combined with a short or longer stay in our holiday home: highly recommended!


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"I Monelli" or "evil boys" is a growing group of musicians and singers who bring Ligurian music. They met spontaneously for around two years and now perform regularly in the region. Watch and listen to a music video of the Monelli's performance during the "Festa delle Erbe e della Lavanda" in July 2016, the "Feast of the Herbs and the Lavender". In this video they meet the Spunciaporchi (see also below) and play with them. Watch the singer with the yellow guitar; this is 'our' Don. Don Enrico Giovannini is the pastor of Montegrosso Pian Latte, Cosio and Rezzo: a cheerful and spontaneous man who always shares in the festive spirit and a real 'showman'. On their FaceBook site you can find where and when they perform as well as many photos.

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The cycle path - laid out for a time trial of the Giro - is a relatively flat cycle path. Along the course is a pink restaurant, where only cyclists can enter (!). On the site specially made for this cycle path you will find a lot of information, a schematic map and you can also find the traditional 'trip' - the final climb of Milan Sanremo - so that you can grab a package too! You can set 'English' on the site.

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Walk (film 8:27) from Monesì di Triora to the ridge on the border with France, Sanremo rifiugio, the Redentore and back to Monesì.

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Given the broadcast of RADAR in February 2016, we can hardly get any quality olive oil in the Netherlands, other than at a good delicatessen. Vincenzolio is such a supplier of quality. Not only does it supply - in the Netherlands and Italy - to renowned Italian restaurants, but recently it has also become possible for private individuals to buy your olive oil directly from them. Vincenzolio is made from olives from its own olive groves in Liguria and is regularly awarded for its very pure olive oil. On her site you will find more information about the purity certificate, as well as how you can order this oil.

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"Gli Spunciaporchi" (pronounced by Ljie Spoensjaporki) or the "dirty pigs" is a cozy threesome that makes lively regional music. They do this while walking through the streets of a city or village and - with their extremely cheerful appearance and their interactive behavior - they know how to bind people to them. Watch the Spunciaporchi music video of their performance during the "Festa delle Erbe e della Lavanda" in July 2016, the "Feast of the Herbs and the Lavender". On their FaceBook site you can find where and when they perform and that is very regular.

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If you want to fit trendy Italian cycling clothes at your leisure and not want to pay the first prize, you can always contact Moniek van der Velden of Actual Bike Wear. Top quality Italian cycling fashion in Utrecht.

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