Montegrosso Pian Latte is a 'borgo', presumably founded in 1090 by shepherds, and means "milk plain". These shepherds populated the higher alpine pastures in summer. The so-called summer settlement 'Case Fascei' - see photo below - belongs to Montegrosso. In winter they lived in Montegrosso Pian Latte. Over the last 100 years, the milk plains have been increasingly overgrown by lush forest growth.

It is still a characteristic village with many medieval streets and alleys, with authentic steps and unexpected passages. Montegrosso had around 450 inhabitants in the early 20th century. Now it is a small, but living village where time seems (still) less quickly. Alive, because there are around 130 permanent residents - the Montegrossini - and therefore the village also offers various facilities such as a doctor's office, a grocery store, two restaurants, a postal agency etc ...

The tranquility, the purity of the air and, above all, the diversity of flora and fauna - recognized by the European Commission - make this undiscovered area unique. That's why we have under the menu "Other" a number of 'sliders' to show more of nature and other details from the immediate vicinity of the holiday home "Tra Mare e Monti".

In addition to all this natural beauty, there is - as we experience it - the enthusiasm and cordiality of the residents and the original kitchen, the 'Cucina Bianca', the 'White Kitchen'. This 'Cucina Bianca' (so called because the dishes were not very colorful) consists of simple but tasty and nutritious dishes based on healthy natural products and found its origin along the 'hiking trails' that shepherds followed with their families from winter to summer meadow and vice versa. In an uncomplicated atmosphere, people can enjoy the good things in life.

All ingredients such as peace and quietness, delicious food and sleeping and all possibilities to see or do in the 'Valle Arroscia', make your stay in this region an enjoyable and relaxing time. Here you can relax, away from the busy life at home. In summer and winter!

Here - in the Arroscia Valley - there is much to discover and experience for everyone. To illustrate this, we want to give you some impressions on this site about the versatility.

ENJOY a wonderful, relaxing holiday in West Liguria at "Tra Mare e Monti"!